Have already booked your balloon flight with Volare!

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Are you ready?

Here are some recommendations for you to live an unforgettable experience.

We suggest you take with you:

Warm clothes:

To keep you warm and comfortable we recommend warm clothes in several layers.


Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen:

Essential protection against the sun and glare.


Also, don’t forget to bring:



Opt for comfortable and functional clothing for your activities.


Tennis shoes or boots:

Footwear suitable for walking and exploring without worries.

What we don't recommend you wear:

Skirt or shorts: 

To avoid discomfort or chafing during your adventures.


Long scarves: 

They could be uncomfortable or even dangerous in certain situations.



Opt for safer footwear that is suitable for varied terrain.



At our Globopuerto we do not have lockers for storage.


With these tips, you can make the most of your trip in the best possible way!

Important information!

We want to make sure your experience is as easy and safe as possible, so remember that your official ID is your boarding pass. Without it, unfortunately you will not be able to access the experience. 

You can bring your ID in physical or digital format and show it at the front desk.

We accept a variety of documents as official ID for adults, which include:

 · INE (National Electoral Institute) or ID.

· Passport


· Driver’s license.

 · Professional ID card.

· Military ID card.

For Children, we accept as official identification:

· School credential with photo.

· Passport.


How to get to Globopuerto Volare?

We are located on Carretera Libre a Tulancingo Km 27.5, in San Juan Teotihuacan.


If you purchased a transportation service, remember to verify the details of your pickup in the morning of your flight confirmation, you must be punctual, since you will only have 5 minutes of tolerance, otherwise the driver will continue his route.


The driver who will pick you up already knows the name of your reservation so you just have to wait punctually at the main entrance of the agreed place. Due to traffic conditions in Mexico City and other inconveniences, your pickup time may be delayed from 5 to 15 minutes, we appreciate your patience. 


If you prefer to use navigation apps, simply search for us on Waze or Google Maps as “Volare | Vuelos en globo”. We will guide you directly to our location.


It is very important that you keep your belongings with you during the whole experience, because if you forget them at the airport or in the vans, the only way to get them back will be by going to our reception desk in the following days.



For safety and comfort reasons, we remind you that you will not be able to board if you are in any of the following conditions:

· Pregnant or postpartum women

· Recent surgery 

· Recent alcohol or drug use.

· Children under 5 years of age 

· Persons weighing more than 150 kg

If you have a disability or require the use of a wheelchair, please contact us.
If weather conditions do not allow a safe operation of the flight, you will have the option to reschedule or cancel it without incurring additional costs.
It is normal that doubts arise, if you have any you can send us a WhatsApp or visit our 
FAQ`s section.


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The adventure awaits you, see you the day of your reservation!