Fly in a hot air balloon safely | COVID-19

In Volare, we know what matters most is your health and wellness.



Due to the health emergency of COVID-19, we will apply the following measures so you can live the best flight experience in Mexico safely.


Safety measures to prevent COVID-19 at the Balloon Port

We will reduce the total capacity of the Balloon Port, depending on official regulations, starting with a 30%.


All the facilities will be constantly sanitized, the customer service team, pilots and crew will strictly follow the prevention measures for the safety of all.


At the entrance to the lobby, you will find a sanitizing tunnel.

reduccion de globopuerto al 30 porciento
tunel sanitizante volare
filtro sanitario covid 19 volare
lavado de manos en volare

Recommendations for our passengers

Remember to bring your own face mask, its use is very important and mandatory. You must carry it at every moment.


Upon your arrival to the Balloon Port, you will find a sanitary filter where your body temperature will be scanned, in case you exceed 37ªC, you will not be able to enter.


For check-in, only the holder must approach the front desk. We recommend you to bring your release of liability and assumption of risk agreement properly filled to speed up the process. Remember that it is necessary to present an official ID.


It is important that you wash and disinfect your hands constantly; For this you will find antibacterial gel deposits in the front desk, lobby, cafeteria and restrooms; as well as in all the hot air balloons and transfer vans.

Hot air balloons and transportation service

The hot air balloons will undergo a rigorous cleaning and disinfection process, even moments before you board the basket.


In Volare, we have reduced the capacity of our aircraft, in order to maintain a healthy distance from the rest of the passengers and crew. Also, on shared flights you will find transparent physical divisions between each of the compartments.


We have also reduced the capacity of all our transfer vans to 50%. When boarding, you will find the signs at the spaces that must be empty to keep distance.

medidas de seguridad en globos aerostaticos covid 19
espacios reducidos en transporte covid 19

Have a picnic at volare!

Due to the official regulations, the buffet breakfast service is temporarily suspended, but you can bring your own lunch for before and after the balloon flight.

Our hot air balloon flight service is performed outdoors, so the level of risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is reduced, however we invite you to follow to the letter all the recommendations for care and prevention.


In case of any doubt, please contact us.


In Volare, we work everyday to offer you the best Flying experience. We hope to see you soon!

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